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Audina is large enough to have the latest technology, yet small enough to be responsive to their client and customer needs.

–Marco Moor, U.S.A.


I have been a member of the Audina 'family' since 1997. 'Family' is an appropriate description, through good times, and not so good, Audina has always been ready and willing to support this independent manufacturer. It is often said that a ship is a reflection of her Captain, they don't come any better than Marc McLarnon. His vision of excellence in Manufacturing and Customer Service are what sets Audina apart from the crowd. Frank Robilotta has been at this game even longer than I have, and his continued enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. They never forget the people we do this job for, the Hard of Hearing.

–Brian Coffey, Managing Director, Acoustic Technologies, Ireland


Dealing with Audina is unlike dealing with any other Hearing Aid manufacturer! The phone is always answered by a person, and a cheerful one at that. The company is run by "hearing aid people", not faceless accountants. You can speak to real people who are only too ready to help you. Most of the key members of staff have been with the company for many years, which speaks volumes. Audina has a great, complete product range which competes with anything on the market, yet the value and service far exceeds the competition. Like most people who have discovered Audina, I love to deal with this small, friendly company without compromising on quality or technology.

–Jonathan Ormerod, Hearing Electronics Limited, United Kingdom


In the last 22 years, I have been an Audina dispenser. I have worked with Audina products, and I have seen it grow big time as a very supporting company. I have been an exclusive Audina dispenser for the last 14 years. I have not had any complains at all. When I had a problem, it has been due to the shipping companies, and only a few times. Audina works in any aspect to make our business experience the best. Thank you to all of you that make Audina possible.

–Ailyn Hanke, BC-HIS, Juárez, Mexico


In 2004, when we sought to establish our company, we wanted a serious, stable, independent provider, which would be consistent with our philosophy of concern for people, while offering excellent quality and competitive products. Since then, Audina has had excellent quality, superb service in our language, and above all, a human interest in others, employees, customers, and especially in people who use their products... Thanks to all who make this possible at Audina.

–Dr. Juan Carlos Olmo, M.Aud., & Dr. Carlos E. Pereira, M.Aud., Clínicas de la Audición, Costa Rica


I have experienced the distinct disadvantage of not hearing clearly what others were saying. I am frequently in group settings for meetings, classes and lectures; and my hearing difficulty made me hesitant to ask questions. I thought I might ask something that had been covered but missed by me, because I didn’t hear. My Audina instrument has changed all that! Now, I can hear most of the time; and when I have difficulty, I easily adjust the volume. I really love the size of my instruments – the tiny, plastic tubes are almost invisible. Vanity kept me from enjoying better hearing earlier, but Audina’s instruments allow me to hear clearly and really understand conversation in group settings. I would recommend anyone with hearing loss to talk with a hearing professional and experience the joy of being able to understand. I was very pleased with the ease of being tested and fitted with my Audina hearing aids. My hearing professional had thorough knowledge and training to fit and adjust my instruments.

–Beverly Sibley, Maitland, FL, U.S.A.


I have been hard of hearing since the age of six and have worn many types of hearing aids in the past. My Audina hearing instrument is by far the best! It is so comfortable and nearly invisible! I certainly would recommend Audina to anyone with hearing loss. In fact, I referred a friend who also is very happy with his new Audina hearing aid.

–Lori Sommer, FL, U.S.A.


Clear hearing is a must for me! I am a Fraternal Mason and office holder and travel to conventions all over the United States. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years and find Audina’s instruments allow clear hearing and convenient adjustments – better than any others I have worn. When I meet someone with a hearing loss, I encourage them to try an Audina hearing instrument. Thank you Audina!

–Carl Straker, Lansdowne, PA, U.S.A.